It just hit me like aВ ton of bricks

Its just another normal day as usual, I'm just getting high with my 2 friends with the bag of weed we got earlier. So it gets dark and it's about 8 pm now, we are sitting in my room and at this point we have ran out of weed. :ooooo We cant do a night without some goodness - so i tell my buddy to get us sorted with some. He rings this guy and he tells us he's nothing in until tomorrow. Now we're sitting here thinking of numbers and other dealers that could get us the ganja. Its around half 9 now and my friend gets a phone call from a mutual friend, he tells us there is this new type of weed in but he doesn't really know what type it is the only thing he knows is that its strong weed or should i say strong "weed"... we think damn why not try this new "weed" so we decided to go over and meet the guy.

As we're going over to his we bump into a group of 6 of our friends and we tell them about this "weed", coincidentally they are trying to get some maryJ too and tells us to get some of this new weed for them too. Now there are like 9 of us walking to this guys house to get that weed. when we arrive the guy can't sell any more out cause the bag we got (as in me and the 2 friends from the start) was the one of the last bags and he wanted to keep a bit for himself he also said he calls this stuff "trippy".

We are all walking towards my house now and the dudes we met on the way asked us if we could load them a few bongs or whatever just to try it out andВ I'm like sure why not :) we get to my house and its about 10 pm now there's only 7 of us in the house. My friend takes the "weed" out and takes a sniff of it, suddenly i see his face drop and i say whats up and he's like smell this its not even weed wtf!!! While I'm taking a smell he's freaking out along with others. I say to him "might as well try it right? if the guy said it was good stuff then it must be?" (everyone was 100% skeptical about it now) so who is goings first? Of course it has to be me.. so the bong gets loaded up and i take it, I notice its not as harsh on my chest and throat as it usually should be so i hold it in thinking I'm cool for holding it in so long, meanwhile another bong is taken by my friend. as i let it out 3 seconds later BOOOOOM just hit me like aВ ton of bricks. I lost myself completely had no clue what was going on or why i felt this way weed has never done that to me? is this really weed? Buy Salvia Package Deal I look at my friend and his face is just full of terror he tries to call my name and he cant, whilst everyone is laughing and asking how the "weed" is. I'm tripping my bag off along with my friend and we have no idea whats happening to us everyone is beginning to get surprised at how fucked we are and non of them take any after us, this is when I cant remember most of it - everything just started not to make sense anymore colors started melting and combining while my ability to move was greatly impaired, I started to feel like i was out of my body like my mind had wondered of into space or something at the same time I had no visual contact with reality I was totally out of it but it seemed like I was still there in the room if you know what I mean..

I'm in this weird place and I start feeling like there are extra people around me like a presence and then I felt like I was in a different life like I was there but in a different setting or environment but exactly where I was sitting. Its now beginning to wear off and I feel extremely sick afterwards so I run down to the toilet and throw up and after that I started to hear screams and bangs from behind my bathroom door and somehow in my head I thought that everyone was getting slaughtered and the people who were slaughtering them were coming for me too, so I climbed out onto my roof and was going to attempt to escape I guess but luckily the trip ended and I went back to the room. when i got back my friend was done tripping too and others had to go home and whatever now. So at the end of the night there were like 3 of us again and we discussed the whole thing and smoked more and you know just chilled. Turns out this "weed" wasn't really weed it was salvia divinorum and one of the higher strength types. this was a story about my first trip on salvia extracts without even knowing what it was, was a pretty bad trip if I'm honest but I'm glad I discovered such an eye-opening drug.

I take salvia quite often now and i do enjoy it a lot but in much smaller doses haha hope you enjoyed reading this took me quite awhile to write out at 4 in the morning. :))В